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Quotes are delayed, as of March 01, 2024, 02:03:28 PM CST or prior.
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Sharp Losses in Wheat Market
The month of March has U.S. wheat futures trading double digits lower led by a 4.4% loss in May HRW. The other KC futures are down by 20 to 25 cents at midday. CBT futures are trading 16 ¾ to 19 ¾ cents weaker so far. Spring wheat prices are...
Midday Cattle Working Higher
Live cattle futures are trading with triple digit gains to finish the week and begin the new month. April is up by $1.65 and August is 92 cents higher so far. Midday feeder cattle are 0.75% to 1.2% higher with gains of as much as $3. USDA had Thursday’s cash...
Cotton Giving Back a Limit 4c
The May cotton contract is lock-limit lower at midday giving back 4 cents of value after Tuesday’s limit rally. May is still up by a net 208 points for the week. New crop futures are also trading in the red, though losses are less than 65 points at midday. NOAA’s...
Friday Losses in Corn Market
Front month corn futures are down by as much as 1.4% at midday with the board working at or near the daily lows. The average Dec corn price was $4.66, compared to $5.91 last year, for the month of Feb’s crop insurance calculation. CME delivery data had 3 contracts put...
Beans Holding Gains through Midday
Soybean futures are trading ~4c under their daily highs but still 3 ¾ to 7 cents in the black for midday. The average Nov close for the month was $11.55 for crop insurance calculation. Soymeal futures are sitting 1.5% in the black at midday. Soy Oil prices are down by...
Hogs Rallying into Weekend
Lean hog futures are trading $0.82 to $1.02 higher so far across the front months. April futures were a net $1.80 higher for the month, and are sitting at a net 45c gain for the week so far. USDA’s National Average Base Hog price was $71.42 on Friday morning. The...

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